Optimal Text Length for Social Contagion

What is the optimal post length – either on Twitter or Facebook – for increasing engagement on these Social Networks? A couple of white papers from TrackSocial recently found that on Facebook and Twitter the ideal length is around 70-100 char. What strike me most is that, apart from minor differences, the ideal length does not vary across social platforms: 

1) On Facebook the optimal length is around maximum tweet length (after 140 char engagement drops drammatically)

2) On Twitter the engagement is around 70-100 chars, quickly decreasing off these values. 

The possible explanation is that, given users' "rapid cognition" approach to the overwhelming information stream, succint posts are more likely to convey their message before users' attention drops. This model also explain why including photos drastically increase post virality (photos grab the attention with little or no effort at all).

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